Visitors to Canada

The Visitors to Canada insurance plan is available to individuals 79 years of age or younger.

We offer two options that fit the super visa requirements. Visitors to Canada plans are available with maximum coverage amounts of $100,000 or $150,000.

Only reasonable and usual medical and surgical charges are covered at 100% under this plan. Individuals without provincial health care insurance are sometimes charged higher fees for treatment than the fees set and allowed by the government schedule of the province where the medical service is rendered. Blue Cross does not refund any additional fees that some doctors may charge.

Trips to the United States are covered, as long as they meet all the following criteria:

  • Your first destination is Canada.
  • Your departure to the United States is from Canada.
  • Your stay in Canada is longer than your stay in the United States (the total amount of time you spend in the United States must be less than half the total length of your contract).
  • After your stay in the United States you return to Canada for travel before returning abroad.

Note that the Visitors to Canada plan doesn’t cover trips to Hawaii and does not apply to residents of the United States while travelling in the US.

Yes, but it covers only accidental dental care and prescription drugs required for an emergency medical treatment.

There are no restrictions on what province you can visit. The policy is valid across the country.