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Travel tips

It’s impossible to predict when we’ll be able to safely travel again. Several travel restrictions remain in place across the world and health officials continue to recommend avoiding non-essential travel. But if you need to travel outside your province of residence for essential reasons—like work, or if you have family obligations—travel insurance is more important than ever before. 

Buying travel insurance before leaving on vacation is vitally important. Whatever your destination, travel insurance will be your best ally in the event of a medical emergency and having it will allow you to travel with peace of mind. To protect yourself with the best available coverage and make an informed choice, avoid these common mistakes when purchasing travel insurance.

Most people who reside in Canada neglect to purchase travel insurance when taking trips within the country, assuming their provincial health insurance plan covers them from coast to coast. However, this coverage has various limitations which are important to know before travelling to another Canadian province.

For many people, planning a trip and purchasing travel insurance go hand in hand. Knowing that they’re covered in the event of a medical emergency while travelling allows them to enjoy their vacation with peace of mind. Unfortunately, false beliefs persist about travel insurance and the need for it.

Food tourism is a growing trend around the world. Right here in Canada, you will find outstanding wines, cheeses, charcuteries and many other delicacies with such remarkable quality they can rival local products from the United States and Europe. Check out these agritourism destinations worth visiting.