Travel tips

It seems like we’re all trying to achieve that illusive work / life balance, but has anyone ever actually found it? And for modern families, you often feel like you’re being pulled in more than two directions once you add in things like chauffeuring kids to lessons and taking grandma to her medical appointment.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for a long vacation. Yet a few days away may be all you need to relax and enjoy a change of scenery. Here are 10 short-haul destinations to inspire you where you can have a great time, despite a lack of time.

In a travel health clinic, we offer a lot of advice about hepatitis A and B. Both forms of hepatitis are easily preventable by being vaccinated and public health officials recommend immunization for most travel destinations. These common vaccines are part of the basic immunization schedules for children, and most travellers tend to be vaccinated on a preventative basis. But do you really know what hepatitis A and B are?

The key to enjoyable and worry-free travel lies in developing and maintaining safe travel skills. There are tools available to help you make informed choices, from choosing your travel destination to adapting your travel habits for a particular region. While it might first seem overwhelming, the Canadian government site is a gold mine of information, no matter where in the world you intend to visit.

We’re very happy to introduce a new blogger who will contribute content for our Travel Tips page. Gabrielle Asselin was chosen specifically because of her deep-seated passion for travel and because of the wealth of knowledge she has as a practicing registered nurse.

When day to day life becomes a little too intense and the weather is gloomy, who doesn’t dream a bit about their next vacation? Creating a travel bucket list actually helps turn dreams of escape into reality as you imagine future adventures or a well-deserved rest somewhere idyllic. Take a look at my ideas below and hopefully reading it will inspire you to create your very own list of places you’d love to visit. Allow yourself some escape time to conjure the destinations you’ve always dreamt of or the wildest vacation you can imagine.