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Travel tips

With more families living farther apart in different cities and regions across Canada and abroad, family reunions are the perfect occasion to bring everyone together. In fact, visiting relatives is one of the main reasons Canadians travel.

Outside of the United States, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are among Canadians’ top three destinations when heading south. Get off the beaten path and discover our picks of other sunny destinations down south.

Road trips are not just a summertime thing. Many Canadians plan road trips during the winter months. They travel south to get a reprieve from the winter weather, take trips up north to go skiing and many people plan road trips to see family and friends over the holidays.

Maple syrup is about as Canadian as it comes. Who doesn’t love to smear it all over their pancakes? Even though it’s sweet and delicious, did you know that eating maple syrup can be beneficial to your health?

One of the first things many people think about when they have a long flight ahead is that they should use the time as an opportunity to get some sleep. While it’s a good thought, most of us have trouble getting a decent nap, let alone a few hours of sleep.