Travel insurance
is vital for your trips in Canada 

Whenever you leave your province of residence

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Are you in need of travel insurance for your trips within Canada?


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What are the reasons to get insurance for your trip inside Canada?

Provincial health insurance falls short in providing coverage for everything beyond Ontario's borders

When traveling outside your province of residence, your provincial health insurance plan offers limited coverage. While it does cover most hospitalization expenses like diagnostic procedures, nursing care, and in-hospital medication, many services remain unreimbursed. These can include ambulance transportation, emergency repatriation, and prescription medication.

It's important to note that your provincial health insurance card may not be accepted everywhere. Consequently, you may have to pay upfront for necessary services and subsequently file a reimbursement request with your provincial health plan. Additionally, the incurred costs may only be partially reimbursed, leaving you responsible for the remaining balance.

To obtain further information, please visit the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) website.

Enhanced coverage for a complete peace of mind

Trip Cancellation or Interruption - Reimbursements for non-refundable travel expenses in the unfortunate event of a trip interruption or cancellation. This includes coverage for accommodations, transportation, and activities.

You can also claim additional transportation or vehicle return costs, along with a subsistence allowance.

Baggage loss, damage or theft - Receive a refund in case of baggage loss, theft, damage, or delay exceeding 12 hours. This coverage goes beyond the protections offered by the Air Passenger Bill of Rights.

Explore additional benefits available to you. To discover more, please visit the “Travel Insurance” section of this guide.

Assisting you during unforeseen emergencies

It is crucial to reach out to travel assistance immediately when faced with an emergency.   

Our agents are available round-the-clock to offer comprehensive support: arranging healthcare facility referrals, coordinating care, providing ongoing assistance, and facilitating repatriation. 

In addition, Ontario Blue Cross travel insurance featres the Flight Delay Service, granting you access to an airport lounge or a hotel room based on the duration of your delay. 



Do you truly understand the expenses associated with an ambulance ride?
For instance, in Nova Scotia, the cost for ambulance transportation is $733 for non-residents. Meanwhile, in British Columbia, the price skyrockets to nearly $850! Surprisingly, the most affordable province for this service is Newfoundland, with a rate of just $220.