Travel assistance services

When the unexpected happens, you can rely on Blue Cross Travel Assistance for immediate expert assistance.

Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a network of hospitals and clinics that spans the globe. Along with our service partners, we ensure you receive the help and comfort you need.

It is important to be well informed about your destination before you depart. Blue Cross Travel Assistance can help you prepare for any eventuality and provide you with information on:

  • Travel advice and advisories from the Government of Canada
  • Visas and other mandatory documentation
  • Vaccinations
  • Time zone differences
  • Clinics or hospitals close to your accommodations
  • Entry and exit requirements

Blue Cross Travel Assistance representatives can:

  • Recommend a doctor, clinic or hospital with the expertise and equipment to offer you the care you need
  • Contact your family doctor or attending physician to ensure that the medical team treating you is fully aware of any pre-existing health conditions
  • Monitor your condition closely until you are well or back in your province of residence
  • Arrange for payment of medical care and services
  • Organize your transport to hospital, evacuation or emergency repatriation if necessary, so you can receive the care you need
  • Stay in close contact with your family, with your consent, to keep them updated on your condition and answer any questions they may have
  • Coordinate the arrival of a family member to be with you if you require hospitalization for 3 days or more

Theft or loss of documents or funds
If your passport, credit card or other important documents are lost or stolen, Blue Cross Travel Assistance can help. Our representatives will put you in touch with your financial institution or contact the nearest embassy to have new documents issued promptly, so you can continue your trip.

Translation service
Through Blue Cross Travel Assistance, you have access to simultaneous translation services in over 140 languages and dialects. Some of our representatives are even fluent in multiple languages.

Trip interruption
Blue Cross Travel Assistance can help you and your family return home as quickly as possible if your trip is interrupted. Our representatives can assist with changing your return flight or guide you through the process of submitting a claim if you qualify for a refund on prepaid travel costs.

Return of a vehicle
If you are physically unable to drive due to an accident or sudden illness, Blue Cross Travel Assistance will ensure your vehicle is safely returned to your home.

Assistance in case of death
At this difficult time, Blue Cross Travel Assistance is here to offer you complete support. We will put you in contact with experts who will take care of all the formalities with legal authorities and ensure that your wishes are respected for the return of the deceased.
If no prior arrangements are in place, Blue Cross Travel Assistance’s authorized funeral home will help you choose from the available services. You can call us as often as necessary; we are always ready to listen.