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Top 5 travel insurance myths

Top 5 travel insurance myths

For many people, planning a trip and purchasing travel insurance go hand in hand. Knowing that they’re covered in the event of a medical emergency while travelling allows them to enjoy their vacation with peace of mind. Unfortunately, false beliefs persist about travel insurance and the need for it.


Here are some of the most common travel insurance myths.


Myth #1: Travel insurance is not necessary for short trips


Even for a very short stay, travel insurance is essential to have access to necessary care in case of an emergency. A problem could arise at any time, whether it’s in the middle of your trip or even within the first hour of your departure.


Myth #2: Travel insurance is expensive


Price is usually a critical factor in vacation planning. Who doesn’t want to save on their trip? However, opting for cheaper coverage or forgoing travel insurance altogether could be very costly in a medical emergency.


In fact, travel insurance is more affordable than you might think. At Ontario Blue Cross®, premiums are established based on several factors such as the age, trip duration and health condition of the person to be insured. You can also customize your coverage by adding other benefits or choose the amount of your deductible to save on your premium. And if you travel often, year-round travel insurance coverage will save you even more!


Myth #3: Getting travel insurance is a hassle


Purchasing travel insurance is very easy. With Ontario Blue Cross, you can get a quote online or by contacting our customer service. All you need to do is provide some information about yourself and your trip, then choose the coverage that best suits your needs from the options offered.


If further information is required depending on your situation, a customer service agent will assist you through each step and explain the solutions available to you.


Myth #4: Travel insurance is not necessary for trips within Canada


Whether you are going abroad or staying in the country, purchasing a travel insurance policy is the only way to make sure you are covered in case of an emergency.


Not all health services are covered by OHIP in another Canadian province or territory. This why the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recommends that you buy private health insurance before leaving Ontario to cover any uninsured services necessary. In most cases, the amount of money you may need to pay for services not covered by OHIP, such as ambulance services, will be more than the cost of a travel insurance policy.


Myth #5: Travel insurance is not necessary for those who are young and healthy


Young travellers who are in good health often think they won’t need travel insurance. However, regardless of your age or health condition, a medical emergency can occur at any time (e.g., infection, stomach flu, allergic reaction, bad fall). Plus, travel insurance can cover much more than the cost of medical emergencies. It can insure you in the event of trip cancellation or interruption, or in the event of baggage loss, theft or delay of more than 12 hours.



Get a free travel insurance quote to help you travel with peace of mind and protect your physical and financial well-being.