Vision care coverage

To assist with costs that OHIP does not reimburse

Virtual health care service

Get free medical support
Our eligible health insurance plans give you access to virtual health care, free of charge. Talk to a doctor online, receive a personalized care plan and renew prescriptions, all from the comfort of your own home.

Why vision care coverage is so important

Vision issues can significantly impact your well-being, both socially and financially. Our vision care benefit goes beyond ordinary eye care. It covers essential eye examinations and provides support for eyeglasses or contact lenses not included in the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). With preventative measures, most eye care problems are avoidable, making vision care coverage even more crucial.

Without vision care benefits, you may be left responsible for these costs. As Canadians live longer and our population ages, investing in extra health insurance becomes paramount for maintaining your overall health and well-being.

What Ontario Blue Cross covers

Are you searching for a health insurance plan that fits your unique needs? Our flexible and affordable health insurance options have got you covered, whether you're self-employed, retired, without group insurance, or simply in need of extra coverage.

With our tailored health insurance solutions including vision care coverage, you can enjoy the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

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Have peace of mind in knowing that you and your family can afford prescription drugs and stay healthy. Our eligible plans also include access to virtual health care support and the Blue Advantage® discount program, both designed to help you effectively manage your health.

For information on vision care coverage available to you, contact us today, or let us help you find a plan for you.