Prescription drug coverage

To facilitate the payment for medications vital to your health

Virtual health care service

Get free medical support
Our eligible health insurance plans give you access to virtual health care, free of charge. Talk to a doctor online, receive a personalized care plan and renew prescriptions, all from the comfort of your own home.

Why prescription drug coverage is important

Secure access to vital prescription drugs is an absolute necessity. Whether facing seasonal ailments or managing chronic conditions, having reliable prescription drug coverage for you and your loved ones is a smart choice.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, prescription drug expenses have surged by 12% since 2005, with the average Canadian spending over $1,500 annually. Faced with these rising costs and the limitations of OHIP drug programs, relying solely on group insurance or private health insurance might leave you vulnerable to exorbitant medical bills. Unexpected health issues can strike at any time, underscoring the importance of having a reliable insurance plan to lean on.

About Ontario Blue Cross prescription drug coverage

Discover the perfect health insurance options tailored for your unique needs, whether you're self-employed, retired, or in-between jobs. Don't worry if you don't have access to group insurance, we've got you covered!

With our prescription drug coverage, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief as we make medications more affordable by complementing provincial government health insurance plans.

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Have peace of mind in knowing that you and your family can afford prescription drugs and stay healthy. Our eligible plans also include access to virtual health care support and the Blue Advantage® discount program, both designed to help you effectively manage your health.

For information on drug coverage available to you, contact us today, or let us help you find a plan for you.