Massage therapy coverage

Plans including coverage for registered specialists and therapists*

*Doctor's recommendation required for massage therapists.

Why massage therapy is important

Health care options such as massage therapy have proved to be a viable and beneficial form of treatment for individuals with a variety of health ailments. More and more doctors are prescribing massage therapy to individuals with injuries, illnesses and chronic health conditions.

Massage therapy treatment from a registered massage therapist can treat health conditions such as back and neck pain, sports injuries, headaches, whiplash and many other common issues. It is also an effective form of treatment for other conditions, such as anxiety, depression, stress and even some diseases, such as cancer, stroke and arthritis. Massage therapy can be beneficial at any age.

What Ontario Blue Cross massage therapy coverage includes

Our individual health insurance plans help you pay for massage therapy and treatments from other registered specialists and therapists that are not covered by OHIP. Whether you are self-employed, retired or simply don’t have group insurance, we offer a variety of affordable health insurance plans to meet your specific needs.

Our eligible plans also include access to virtual health care support and the Blue Advantage® discount program, both designed to help you effectively manage your health.

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