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Travelling to the United States without travel insurance? Find out how much it could cost you

Whether you are planning a weekend cross-border shopping trip or a vacation down south, it’s important to have travel insurance coverage. Sure, you hear this a lot, but travel insurance can not only provide you with travel assistance, it can save you a significant amount of money if you happen to get injured while in the United States. Without travel insurance, you are on the hook for all medical costs you incur, and many travellers will likely not be able to pay such fees easily.

Medical care costs a lot more than most Canadians realize. recently put together a list, in Canadian dollars, of how much it would cost you for medical care in the United States if you didn’t have travel insurance. These findings will definitely make you think twice about not getting travel insurance for your next trip:

  • An ambulance ride: A simple ambulance ride costs $522.02 to $1,566.07 plus mileage, and this does not even account for the medical care you will receive once you get to the hospital. In Canada, an out-of-province ambulance ride without travel insurance could cost $240 to $700.
  • A broken finger: The cost for care for a broken finger adds up quickly. You will have to pay for the emergency room ($652.53), an X-ray ($130.51 to $1,305.06), treatment ($469.82 to $625.12) and the doctor’s fee ($117.49 to $261.01). It could cost even more if surgery is required.
  • Stitches: Something as simple as a getting a few stitches could cost up to $3,915.18.
  • Sprained ankle: A sprained ankle could cost you close to $2,000. Here is the breakdown: X-ray ($234.91 to $1,305.06), an ankle wrap ($167.05) or short leg cast ($310.60), plus the doctor’s fee ($117.46 to $261.01).
  • Ear infection: You are looking at a doctor’s visit ($32.63 to $326.27) and the cost of antibiotics ($26.10 to $143.56).
  • Heart attack: Depending on the severity and treatment requirements, an emergency room visit can run from $195.76 to $3,915.18.
  • Going into labour: You may want to think twice about travelling to the US without travel insurance if you are in your third trimester. The cost of an operative delivery ranges from $11,745.54 to $22,186.02, and the cost of a C-section ranges from $18,270.84 to $32,626.50.

Based on these numbers, can you imagine how much emergency surgery would cost without travel insurance? Probably not something you want to think about. Considering you can get travel insurance for significantly less than the cost of a simple medical procedure, it is more than worth the cost, not to mention you get additional benefits when you have travel insurance.

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