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Five fabulous hiking trips across the globe

Many travellers like to stretch their legs while enjoying the fresh air in a hiking excursion abroad. There are tons of places to discover around the globe and the hiking options are plentiful. Whether you’re an occasional hiker or a trekking enthusiast, we’ve compiled some suggestions to help you decide on your next hiking dream vacation.

The Annapurna Hiking Circuit of Nepal

With its spectacular mountains and snow-peaked summits, Nepal is without doubt one of the best destinations for travellers who love to hike. The Annapurna Circuit is a several-day hike reaching heights in excess of 5,000 metres. Depending on what you’d like to undertake, a complete circuit can take more than two weeks to finish. If that seems too daunting, you can do shorter hikes between the neighbouring villages along the route and still enjoy astounding views of the mountains of Nepal.

Kilimanjaro Trekking, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro deserves its nickname, the “Roof of Africa”, as it is the continent’s tallest peak at 5,891 metres. Hiking the slopes of Kilimanjaro is very popular with tourists, given the rich flora and fauna of Kilimanjaro national park, and it attracts a lot of visitors every year. Be forewarned that the trek is an arduous one (training is advisable), and it takes about a week to reach the summit. Those who complete the ascent agree that the hike is unforgettable and the panoramic views truly breathtaking.

Lake Louise, Canada

With emerald green lakes, dense forests and great glaciers, the Rocky Mountains are home to many impressive spots, including Lake Louise. This area offers a vast array of trails for all types of hikers. For day hikes, choose a trek based on its length, height and distance between various trails. If you enjoy longer hikes and camping, choose a trek that requires a few nights under the tent.

Acatenango Volcano, Guatemala

This spectacular trek lets you see nearby Fuego volcano that spews smoke and hot lava trails often. At night, fiery explosions light up the sky, giving hikers an incredible show that makes up for the lack of sleep brought on by the volcano’s loud rumblings. The two-day excursion is tough, but the beauty of the sunrise over the summit of Acatenango will have you forgetting your aching muscles after the difficult climb. You’ll also see through the clouds the volcanic domes of the neighbouring peaks.

The French Alps

Whether you want a day-trek or something longer over several days, there are lots of options for hikers who want to explore the French Alps. There are walking and hiking trails from various locations for every level of hikers, making the French Alps a destination that appeals to just about everyone. Enjoy the bracing fresh air while your eyes take in the magnificent mountains, like the world-famous Mont Blanc, which you can also climb.

Gabrielle Asselin