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Seven travel gadgets and accessories worth investing in

Simplifying travel can make it more enjoyable. Technology has certainly had a huge impact on how we travel. There are many travel gadgets that claim to help make travelling easier. How many of them are truly useful?

Time recently put together a list of 25 must-have travel gadgets and accessories that make travelling easier. Here are seven of the best travel gadgets from the list:

  1. Kensington ComboSaver Portable Notebook Lock: Many of us travel with our laptops, which happen to be one of the most commonly stolen items. They are stolen from airports, coffee shops and even hotel rooms. This lock allows you to secure your laptop to a table or desk, providing additional protection against theft.
  2. Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit: Equipped with connectors that fit almost any type of electronic device, the adaptor kit helps you travel lighter and ensures you can use your tech devices anywhere.
  3. Kindle: Many people like to spend their vacation or kill time when travelling by reading, but carrying around heavy books can be inconvenient. This is why a Kindle is such a great travel device. Kindle has the ability to hold about 200 books, so you will never run out of reading material.
  4. PlayStation Portable: This is the perfect device for gamers and for people with kids. You can not only play your favourite games, you can also watch movies. It’s an ideal device for keeping yourself or the kids occupied on a long trip.
  5. Clear Harmony Noise Canceling Headphones: These are perfect for travellers who want to check out, kill the background noise and enjoy their favourite tunes. They are also great for reducing noise, so you can catch a nap on the plane.
  6. Reef stash sandals: We’ve all experienced this situation: You are headed down to the beach to take a dip, but you don’t have a place to store your valuables such as money, hotel room keys or credit card. The last thing you want is someone stealing your stuff. Stash sandals are the solution for this: “Stash sandals are comfortable enough to wear on the beach, but their real utility is as a mobile safe. The secret tray in the sole slides out to hold personal items and slides back in to make sure no one knows they're there.”
  7. Franklin 12 Language Speaking Global Translator: Language barriers are bound to come up, especially if you are a frequent traveller. With 450,000 stored words, this device will help you communicate better with the locals.