A person holding a suitcase with both arms

High-tech luggage options for your travels

Keeping tabs on your luggage can be a challenge when you travel. Once you hand it over at the baggage check-in at the airport, you never know if or when you will see it again.

The airport is not the only place where you could lose sight of your luggage, however. It can go missing between being shuttled from the airport to your hotel, at your hotel, be forgotten in taxis or even stolen.

Introducing “smart luggage”

Locks and luggage tags will only do so much to protect your travel baggage. The good news is that travel companies, realizing the need for additional security and protection, are rolling out a new luggage option for travellers: smart luggage.

“The Internet of Things has trickled down into tricked out suitcases and travel accessories, and for those of us willing to shell out for a bag with a high IQ, there’s no more wondering if your suitcase made the flight, no more guesstimating weight and no more app-less carry-ons – these suitcases do it all but blend you a frozen margarita. And rest assured, that blender add-on is sure to not be far behind,” says Nick Vivion on Road Warrior Voices.

Smart luggage essentially takes the guessing game out of the equation and ensures that travellers know where their bags are at all times. Although these travel solutions are convenient, they also come with a price.

Here are three popular smart luggage options available today:

  1. Bluesmart: These suitcases come with Bluetooth-enabled locks, GPS location tracking, a built-in scale and a battery charger. Cost $299
  2. Trunkster: Similar to Bluesmart, Trunkster luggage has the same features, but it has a roll-up design. “The front of the suitcase rolls up like a garage door, rather than a zipper opening, which offers easy access to contents without having to zip and flip open the top like in a traditional rollaboard,” says Vivion. Cost $365
  3. LugLoc: This was the original digital baggage tracker to hit the market. It allows you to track the location of your luggage at all times and can be used with any luggage. Cost $69.99

Investing in these technologies may not only give you peace of mind in knowing where your luggage is, it can also help you locate it if it happens to go missing.

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