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Five tips for staying connected while travelling

Although some people travel and book vacations in an effort to disconnect, many travellers seek to stay connected when they’re away. The Internet has become an ingrained part of our lives. Whether it’s staying in contact with friends and family or travelling for business and staying connected to the office, there is an increasing need for people to stay connected when they travel.

“Staying connected while traveling is never an exact science. The key is to eliminate as many variables as possible and make getting online a simple process so you can enjoy your trip and get a few things done online,” says Adario Strange on Mashable.

However, this can be a challenge. The farther you travel, the more challenging it becomes. Searching for a reliable Internet connection and travelling to locations with Wi-Fi access have become a top priority for many travellers. It has also become a commonly boasted about feature among travel providers. Here are some tips that will help you stay connected when you are away from home.

Five tips for staying connected while you travel

1. Invest in a travel data plan

Roaming fees are not your friend, and it’s easy to rack up a hefty cell phone bill if you are not careful with your out-of-range mobile use. One way to help keep costs down is to invest in a travel data plan. Most mobile carriers offer such plans, and many start at a few dollars per day. Talk with your phone company about your options before leaving for your trip.

2. Book a hotel with Wi-Fi coverage

Always check the connection options of hotels and resorts before you book, especially if remaining connected is a top priority for you. Rather than just checking online, call the hotel directly to see whether they have a reliable connection.

If the hotel doesn’t have Wi-Fi access, make sure you are clear on your options for connecting to the Internet at the hotel. Many hotels offer business areas or limited Internet access in the lobby.

3. Scout out local coffee shops

Most coffee shops today offer Wi-Fi access to their customers. Take a few minutes to find a few local coffee shops that have Internet access. You could also look for Internet cafes. No matter where you are travelling, a Starbucks location is never too far away.

4. Invest in a mobile Internet hotspot

If the above options fail, you can invest in an Internet hotspot service. This service allows you to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere – but plans can be expensive. Do you research and find a plan that makes the most sense for your Internet access needs.

5. Airport Wi-Fi

Even though Wi-Fi access is now available on some flights, it’s still very expensive and fairly unreliable. You may be better off piggybacking on the free Wi-Fi access offered in many airports around the world.