Two tourists waving their hand out of a tour bus

Get the full value of a city travel pass

When visiting a new city, people often want to see as much as they can during their stay. They want to see the top sights, find the most efficient ways to travel through the city and they want to do it all at a good price.

One great option that many travellers tend to overlook is city travel passes. These passes are designed specifically with travellers in mind and are set up to help travellers see as much of the city as possible. However, depending on how long you are staying and on the things you are interested in, you should carefully weigh the value of buying one.

“Travelers need to do their homework to determine if the deals really offer good value, basing the decision on how long they'll be in town and what they plan to do while there. You could wind up spending more than you need to," says Arabella Bowen, editor-in-chief of Fodor's Travel, on CNBC.

For example, if there are only one or two places you really want to see, it might be worth your while, and be more affordable, for you to pay admission separately. Always compare your options. You may be able to find discounts and deals online or through your travel provider when you book your trip.

Benefits of city travel passes

There are great benefits to investing in a city travel pass:

  • Convenience: It provides you with the convenience of helping you plan your trip and places to see.
  • Discounts: It offers up to hundreds of dollars of savings on entrance fees, meal discounts and transportation costs.
  • Plans/maps: It may offer suggested plans and maps to help you see the city more efficiently.
  • Transportation: Many passes include access to public transportation, saving you the costs of having to rent a car or take a taxi.

Most large cities offer some form of a travel pass. Before your next trip, look at your options to see whether a city travel pass is worth it. It could save you a good chunk of money and help simplify your sightseeing experience.