Five adventurous gift ideas for the travel-loving dad

If your dad enjoys travelling, you know that travel accessories are a great gift idea. You know he’ll use them, they will make travel easier for him and he will appreciate the thought you put into the gift.

Whether your dad frequently travels for work or simply travels during his vacation time, here are some gift ideas he’ll love:

  1. Tile: If your dad is known for losing things, this is the perfect travel accessory. Tile uses a Bluetooth signal that your dad synchronizes to an app on his phone to track the location of up to eight items. He can use it with his passport, wallet, luggage, keys and anything else he wouldn’t want to lose while travelling.
  2. Portable sound bar: If your dad loves to listen to music, he will surely appreciate the convenience and quality of a portable sound bar. His phone or iPod can be synchronized to the sound bar using Bluetooth, and he can play his favorite music while he’s in his hotel room, by the pool (many are water-resistant) and anywhere else he pleases.
  3. Solar-powered backpack: For the dad who loves the outdoors and is environmentally conscious, this backpack is a great gift idea. “If your dad is the type that yells at you for not recycling and won’t kill bees, then this Array Solar Laptop charger will make him happy. The bag has a solar panel that can be used to charge up everything from laptops to cameras. It is worth taking on any trip, courtesy of the well-padded laptop sleeve and multi-pocket design,” says Michele Sponagle in the Huffington Post.
  4. Caffeinated shaving cream: If your dad has trouble shaking jet lag after a long trip, this product should do the trick. Sold by Pacific Shaving Company, the shaving cream is derived from coffee beans, and it works by absorbing into the skin. According to the company, caffeine is “an effective vasoconstrictor and antioxidant that helps reduce the appearance of redness and keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy."
  5. Bison wallet with WalletGuard: Everyone needs a good travel wallet that is functional and protected against pickpockets. “Made out of genuine American buffalo leather, this thin wallet has a stylish curved edge for a perfect front pocket fit. Not to mention it comes complete with the WalletGuard RFID technology that will protect his credit cards from electronic pickpocketing or identity theft,” says Travelers Universe.

Each of these gifts is a step up from a new travel mug or luggage. They are unique and functional gifts that your dad will be happy to try on his next trip.