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Five reasons to travel in the off-season

The time of year you decide to travel can have a huge impact on your travel experience. While most people tend to travel during the peak season, if you have the flexibility, travelling during the off-season is worth considering. Sure, things like weather and availability of attractions are also worth considering, but these will vary when you research locations and look at your travel options.

Here are some of the advantages of travelling in the off-season:

  1. You save money: Cost is the number one advantage of choosing to travel during the off-season. Given the current value of the Canadian dollar, it may be a good idea to travel during the off-season if you want to stay within your travel budget. Off-season travel allows you to visit popular destinations at more affordable rates, or you can upgrade your travel plans and accommodations because of the deals offered by travel providers.
  2. You see more: Changing your travel dates to the off-season lets you see more for the same budget. Whether this means you plan a few extra excursions, eat at better restaurants or spend more money on experiences, your money will go further.
  3. There are fewer people: One of the main reasons for cheaper travel rates during the off-season is that fewer people are travelling. Fewer travellers helps you avoid crowds of tourists during the peak season, making your trip more enjoyable. This means you likely won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get a spot at the beach or to visit top attractions. You might even have some extra space on the plane to stretch your legs and have a more comfortable flight.
  4. You have more choice: The top hotels, attractions, flights and vacation packages sell out quickly during the peak season. When you book during the off-season, you will have more choice and at more affordable rates. There will be more options at the hotel you want to stay in, you will be able to get a better flight time and you will have more vacation options.
  5. It’s more authentic: When fewer people are around and the focus on tourism is minimal, you can have a more authentic cultural experience, even if you are visiting a popular tourist destination. When tourist destinations are not overrun by people, you will have more time to take in your surroundings and gain a deeper appreciation for them. You will also have more time to talk with the locals about the places you should see and the restaurants you should eat at.

Travelling during the off season is something worth considering. It’s ideal for travellers who are on a budget or for people who want to get more value for their travel dollar.

Regardless of the time of year you plan to travel, there is never an off season when it comes to travel insurance. Travel insurance ensures you have the coverage you need, no matter where or when you travel. Contact us today to get a free travel insurance quote for your next trip.