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Planning your next trip? Do the math…using Travelmath

Money is always a factor for planning a trip. Most travellers set a budget for an upcoming trip, but how many of us actually stay within our budget? It’s common for people to get home from a trip only to check their credit card bill and see that they went over budget.

Why does this happen so frequently? Beyond the costs of the flight and hotel, many of us stop doing the math. At best, we tend to guess how much other things will cost, such as fuel and meals.

While you could sit down and do some research, it can be very time-consuming. The good news is that you can put away your calculator and pencil, and close Google. Travelmath has you covered.

“Planning a summer vacation? Road tripping to places near and far? How much will it cost to get there? Is it more economical to fly or to drive? And if you drive, how long will it take? All these questions need calculations and permutations, travel maps, airline fare searches and drive time estimations, taking up your valuable time, not to mention causing the probable headache! Or, you could skip all that and just use Travel Math,” says traveller Carol Biederman.

About Travelmath

Travelmath is an online trip calculator that helps travellers find the best and most affordable travel options for their trips. It not only offers pricing options for hotels and flights, it also calculates difficult-to-determine costs, such as travel distance and travel time, and you can compare the cost of driving versus that of flying. In a matter of seconds, you can find out how much it will cost for a road trip from Toronto to Vancouver, or search for flight options.

The tool also provides you with information about the closest airports, stopping and rest points, currency conversions, cities near your destination, airline and direct flight information and hotels in the area. All you need to do is enter where you are travelling from and where you are travelling to, and Travelmath will do the rest.

Why calculate trip costs?

Calculating trip expenses is the most effective way for you to stay on budget when you travel. If you are travelling somewhere new, especially outside Canada, the cost for accommodations or even food can catch you off guard if you don’t do your homework first.

Here are some benefits of calculating trip costs in advance:

  • Helps you stay on budget
  • Ensures there are no surprise costs
  • Helps you determine activities during your trip
  • Ensures you choose the most effective mode of transportation
  • Makes you a more informed and educated traveller

One cost that Travelmath does not account for is travel insurance, but Blue Cross has you covered. Contact us anytime to get a hassle-free quote for your next trip. We have travel insurance solutions for all travellers.