Destinations in the US are offering discounts to entice Canadian travellers

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of the low Canadian dollar on people’s travel habits this year, and this talk has spread to areas in the United States that are popular among snowbirds and vacationers alike.

With the loonie hovering at its lowest level in years, many Canadians are second-guessing their plans to head south for vacation. Many are deciding to either stay home or travel within the country. With an exchange rate between 20% and 30%, depending on how the dollar is performing, it just doesn’t make financial sense to travel to the United States. For many, the drop in the dollar has made travelling simply too expensive.

However, this situation has caused many US hotspots for Canadian tourists to sweeten the deal to encourage them to visit.

“Now, U.S. hot spots are out to convince Canadians their dollar has more value than they think. Vacation destinations Scottsdale, Ariz., Kissimmee, Fla., and Myrtle Beach, S.C. are trying to lure Canucks by offering deep discounts to help make up for the weakened loonie,” says Sophia Harris in CBC News.

To lure Canadians, many resorts, hotels and travel agencies are offering as much as 25% off accommodations, free upgrades and discounts on popular tourist activities such as tours, golfing, spas and shopping. For some people, this will be enough to at least consider still taking a trip.

Are the incentives working?

While many Canadians are still travelling south, the numbers are down compared to previous years.

“For October and November combined, car trips to the U.S. declined by 23 per cent compared with the same period last year. Plane trips were down by 6.3 per cent,” says Harris.

Rather than travelling to the US, many Canadians are opting for all-inclusive deals to Mexico and the Caribbean countries. In fact, there has been a more than 10% jump in travellers purchasing all-inclusive trips to Mexico and the Caribbean. Canadians are attracted to these vacation options because of the value they are getting for their dollar.

Tips for getting the most value for your travel dollar

  • Shop around
  • Look for companies offering deals to Canadian travellers
  • Consider travelling domestically this year
  • Be open to last-minute travel deals
  • Reduce the length of your trip or change your accommodations
  • Use your travel rewards points
  • Ask for deals, special offers and discounts

Whether you are still planning a trip to the US, are opting to travel within Canada or are heading to the Caribbean for an all-inclusive vacation, booking vacation travel insurance will help protect your investment in your trip and give you peace of mind in knowing you are covered.