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Rest: A must before leaving

A pre-trip necessity

If you are prone to feeling ill while away from home, you're not alone. According to Dutch psychologists, "leisure sickness" is a common illness characterized by extreme tiredness, headaches, and muscle aches and pains. Fortunately, you can avoid spending the first few days of your much-needed vacation tucked in your hotel bed, recuperating from illness. Follow these simple tips and help yourself stay well for the start of your vacation.

Plan ahead

Vacations take time and effort to organize, especially if you're travelling with children. To minimize pre-trip stress, keep calm and plan ahead. This way, you won't face a long to-do list in the hours before you're due to leave.

Don't burn the candle at both ends

If you only take one vacation a year, the idea of packing in as much excitement and adventure as you can may seem tempting. But ambitious vacations require an enormous amount of energy and can add to your heightened stress levels. The more stress you place on yourself, the more pressure you place on your immune system, so if you wish to keep the bugs at bay, organize a low-key break that will not compromise your body’s natural defenses.

Take out travel insurance

Travel insurance may feel like an unnecessary expense, if you end up  needing it, it will be well worth the money. If you fall sick on the first day of your trip and find yourself confined to a hospital room, you may end up out of luck and paying out of pocket. While it's tempting to think that it won't happen to you, preparation can help you to find peace of mind.

Ease yourself into your new environment

The transition from a hectic work environment to a laid-back beach location can be a shock to the system. To make the most of your vacation, take the time to unwind in advance of your departure date. Relaxation techniques such as visualization and deep breathing will help to get you into holiday mode before you even leave the airport.