Swapping retirement homes: The new way for seniors to travel the world

The way that seniors travel is about to change – for the better. There is no doubt the Internet has helped simplify travel, and technology continues to change how we plan and book accommodations, the types of trips we take and where we choose to stay. Airbnb is the latest travel site to grab headlines.

When someone moves to a retirement home, you might think their travel days are behind them. But a new travel site geared for seniors in retirement homes is about to open the door to new travel opportunities. The site is LinkedAge, a social network that was developed in Slovenia specifically for seniors who are living in retirement homes.

The goal of the site is to make international travel easier for seniors who still have the travel bug, but want or need the assistance and services that seniors homes offer.

The concept is brilliant: Seniors who live in retirement homes can join the network and exchange rooms with other users or rent vacant rooms in other retirement homes in destinations around the world. When they arrive at their destination, they will continue to have access to the care they need.

It’s an ideal travel option for those of the aging population who are still interested in travelling. It provides them with the network, familiarity and security to travel while accommodating their needs as a senior.

Benefits of swapping retirement homes through LinkedAge

LinkedAge offers some great travel benefits:

  • Accommodation is free for both seniors who are swapping their residences
  • Meals, activities, medical care and services are provided by the residence
  • The only expenses are the membership fee for joining LinkedAge and the cost of airfare to the destination
  • It benefits seniors residences that have vacancies, helping them to temporarily fill empty rooms
  • Seniors can go out with other seniors and see local attractions
  • It opens up travel opportunities for seniors who are on limited budgets
  • Both people swapping have the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures
  • Visitors provide an interesting experience for other people living in the residence
  • The length of stay is agreed to by both parties

The only potential barrier for some travellers is language.

About LinkedAge

Currently, LinkedAge is the only online booking and networking site that is designed specifically for senior travellers. So far, more than 100 care homes from more than a dozen countries (including Portugal, Italy, Germany, Greece and Mexico) are part of the network. Although the network started in Europe, it continues to expand to other countries around the world.

LinkedAge provides travel opportunities within the safety of a retirement community, something that will appeal to many seniors as they age. With the senior demographic living longer and having expendable income, it’s a concept that is sure to catch on. Keep an eye out for its expansion into Canada in the future. Got your travel insurance ready?