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Five unforgettable family travel experiences

The goal of a family vacation is to make it memorable. Parents want to create special experiences with their children, memories they can look back on years later and reflect on.

There’s a difference between a simple vacation and a travel experience. Let’s use Niagara Falls as an example. Do you want a family vacation, where everyone gets into the car, drives to the falls and watches from the observation area? Or do you want to experience the falls first-hand by getting closer to them, going on the Maid of the Mist or taking a tour above the falls by helicopter to see the area in a completely new way?

It’s that extra effort in planning excursions that morphs a regular family vacation into a unique family travel experience. It doesn't have to be all about money if you really want to make your next trip memorable. You know your family best. What are the things that your family loves doing together?

Here are a number of unforgettable family travel experiences worth considering when planning your next family trip:

1. Road trip to Walt Disney World

Most people fly to Orlando for a trip to Disney World. Why not make your trip more memorable by driving? Driving through the United States changes the dynamic of your trip, allows you to see new places and travel at your own pace, and it can be a more cost-effective option for large families.

2. Churchill, Manitoba

Yes, Churchill! Relatively unknown when it comes to family travel destinations, Churchill is full of excitement. Experience polar bear tours, see the northern lights, watch Beluga whales, go kayaking or whitewater rafting on the Churchill River, go hiking and so much more. It’s the perfect family vacation option for families with older children who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. The Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec City is a must-visit destination for cold weather trips in Canada. For decades, the Quebec Winter Carnival has offered plenty of family fun and excitement. With Bonhomme’s Winterland, snow sculpting, sleigh rides and even a huge ice palace, the carnival offers more than two weeks of fun events for the entire family to enjoy.

4. Tobermory, Ontario

Tobermory is the perfect northern Ontario getaway for families during the summer. You can rent a cottage or camp, and experience some of the many popular attractions in the area such as the Bruce Peninsula National Park, Cyprus Lake, the Grotto and much more. Spend your days enjoying the sun and your evenings enjoying time with the family, roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

5. Whale-watching in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

There are many great family vacation experiences in Canada, one of the best being the chance to go whale-watching. There is nothing like seeing a 25-metre blue whale before your eyes. It will definitely be a boat trip your family won’t soon forget.

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