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Do you need travel insurance for trips within Canada?

When planning a trip, a worst-case scenario is the last thing that most travellers consider. Whether you are planning on exploring Canada by car or by flight, you should be covered in case of an accident or illness. While you have medical coverage through your home province, it may not be enough if you travel to other provinces.

What provincial health insurance doesn’t cover

Your provincial health insurance is not required to cover any treatment or medications given outside your home province. Most provinces cover only minimal amounts of medical expenses, such as part of a doctor’s appointment or hospital stay. It is unlikely that they will cover costs of prescription drugs, ambulance travel or return transportation to a hospital in your home province.

If you’re on vacation and experience a medical emergency, your provincial health insurance will not cover certain related expenses. For example, if you were to be hospitalized for a length of time, your insurance would not cover the cost of bringing your loved ones to visit you, or returning your children home to be cared for by a loved one. Interrupted travel plans also aren’t covered, so you wouldn’t be reimbursed for a missed flight, delayed car rental or lost luggage.

Why travel insurance is a smart choice

While provincial health insurance pays some basic costs for medical care, due to provincial health coverage billing agreements, provincial health plans may not pay the same rates that they would if you needed medical attention within your province. Moreover, you may be liable to pay a larger portion of your expenses out of pocket, as some provinces only offer reimbursement after the fact.

Travel insurance covers many incidental fees that you often don’t consider while you plan a trip within Canada. Accommodation for your spouse or travelling companions will be covered, so they can rest and dine comfortably during your hospital stay. If your medications are not obtainable in a different province, you can be transported home to receive the necessary prescriptions. Trip interruption coverage will pay for expenses that are not refundable, such as hotels and flights. Lost or stolen property can also be covered by travel insurance. If the unthinkable happens, accidental death insurance will provide loved ones with peace of mind.

Choose the right travel insurance plan for you

Blue Cross offers a variety of travel insurance options to give you sufficient coverage. Determine if you need trip cancellation coverage, emergency medical care coverage, public transportation accident insurance or others among the available options by getting a free travel insurance quote online.