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Three tips for travelling with a baby

Having a baby in the family makes travel a little more complicated, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up travelling completely. Here are some tips to make travelling with your baby easier.

If possible, stick to your baby’s normal schedule

You can’t explain to a baby that the strange new surroundings and schedules are only temporary, so plan long car rides or flights to coincide with the baby’s natural nap time. Parenting.com suggests following the routine that your baby has become accustomed to. If bedtime usually includes a bottle and a couple of lullabies, offer these while you travel as well.

Bring a baby first-aid kit

Speak with your medical professional about items that are important to take along for your baby’s safety. Babycentre recommends including the following items in a first-aid kit:

  • thermometer
  • pain-relieving medication
  • cold gel packs
  • saline solution and eye wash
  • calamine lotion
  • antiseptic lotion
  • adhesive bandages
  • tweezers (if you are travelling by plane, eliminate tweezers from the kit)
  • emergency contact numbers

Plan for everybody’s in-flight comfort

Feeding your baby during the plane’s ascent and descent will ease the discomfort on sinus passages caused by pressure changes. Bring extra diapers, and consider bringing resealable plastic bags for a hygienic way to carry soiled clothing. If your baby is likely to cry, bring a package of earplugs and offer them to nearby passengers.

Planning ahead for your baby’s needs is a good way to make sure everyone in your family enjoys their vacation. A happy baby will charm people everywhere you go, and family travel is a uniquely heartwarming experience. Be prepared with family vacation travel insurance. We wish you and your family the very best of trips!