A red suitcase full of clothes

12 tips to pack your bag

Traveling for the holidays? Lucky you! Be sure to take all the essentials you’ll need when abroad, like your toothbrush—and a good attitude.
Maybe you start worrying the night before your departure: “What did I forget to pack? Where do I start?”
Smart packing can be a challenge. How can you prepare for every contingency when suitcase space is limited?

Experienced travelers often rely on these 12 road-tested tips that come in handy regardless of the destination:

  1. Start by making a list, keeping the following tips in mind.
  2. Essentials—like plane tickets, passports, and items you use frequently—go in your carry-on bag.
  3. Consult your airline in advance to know what articles are restricted or prohibited.
  4. Run through all the activities you plan (going to the beach, excursions, nights out, etc.). Will you need a hat, raincoat, or backpack?
  5. Plan to give away items like soaps, writing instruments—even clothing—before you return. You’ll make someone’s day and have more room in your bag to bring back gifts.
  6. Don’t fold every piece of clothing. Roll up wrinkle-resistant garments, and group items together. Select “wear-everywhere” pieces and use accessories to add variety. Vacuum-seal bags can be useful when packing several outfits. Some fabrics are bulkier than others, so if you want to take jeans or a lined jacket, wear them on the plane. When in doubt, dress in layers.
  7. Fill all the pockets in your bag—and even your shoes—with items like socks, undergarments, etc. (And speaking of your shoes… Are they new? Comfortable enough?)
  8. Use travel-size toiletries, and remember that you can easily find many items at your destination. Avoid unpleasant surprises by using tape to seal bottles.
  9. Be sure to pack the things that are frequently forgotten: sunglasses, contact lenses, chargers for electronic devices, adapters, bug spray, and pyjamas.
  10. If possible, organize your daily medications in labelled containers that can be easily identified in any situation—and always take along a little extra.
  11. To protect the possessions in your suitcase during travel, surround them with books and other rigid items.
  12. Go over your list to make sure you’ve packed everything.

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