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The birthplace of the Olympics, Greece has always been a desirable travel destination; however, cost is always an issue for many travellers. With the recent financial problems that have plagued the country, Greece has become a much more affordable option – great news for Canadians looking to book a vacation or travel home to visit family in the country.

With its rich history, and beautiful coastline and beaches, Greece sells itself. Whether you are looking for a beach vacation or want to experience the history and mythology of ancient Greece first-hand, you will have no trouble filling up the days you spend in the country. Whether you are staying for a few days, a few weeks, or longer, you need affordable and reliable travel insurance for Greece, and Blue Cross has the travel insurance options you are looking for.

Attractions in Greece…

Diverse options for travelling in Greece

With so many amazing tourist attractions, it can be difficult to narrow down a list of places you want to visit when you get to Greece. From beautiful beaches, mountains and historic sites, Greece has something for everyone. When you’re there, be sure to consider visiting the capital city of Athens, as well as Mount Athos, Myrtos Beach, the Delphi Theatre, Meteora, Mykonos, the Parthenon and the volcanic island of Santorini. Add to these the myriad of Greek islands, winter travel destinations and the cuisine, it’s no surprise why millions of people travel to Greece each year.

Whether you are staying at a beach resort or travelling across the country, Blue Cross has the travel insurance coverage you need for your trip. Our coverage includes everything you need: emergency medical coverage, 24/7 emergency assistance, trip cancellation or interruption, lost baggage coverage and more. You choose the coverage options to personalize your travel insurance, so you get to travel with confidence and enjoy your time in Greece.

Travel tips for Greece

Greece is part of the Schengen area, which comprises 26 European countries that share common visa rules, allowing you to travel within these countries without needing additional travel visas or documentation.

It’s important to exercise caution when travelling in Greece. There have been occurrences of petty crime in tourist areas, and the traffic fatality rate in Greece is one of the highest in Europe. Be careful when driving.

The best time of the year to visit Greece is May and June, when the average temperature is about 20°C and there is little rainfall. The warmest time of the year is June to August, when the temperature hovers around 30°C daily. August is the busiest time of the year for tourists. The rainy time of the year is from November to February.

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General Greece Canada
Continent: Europe
Population (2012): 11,092,771 34,754,312 (2012)
Area (km2): 131,957 9,984,670
Capital: Athens
Currency: Euro
Official language(s): Greek
Drive: Right
Diesel (2012): 2.08 1.23 (2012)
Gasoline (2013): 2.19 1.23 (2013)

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