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Known for its natural beauty and old-world feel, Georgia is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination for travellers seeking something different from the more traditional European vacations. It is the country’s complex history that has led to the creation of one-of-a-kind architecture and art, with a mix of modern buildings and new tourist-based attractions.

Due to the country’s geographic proximity to areas of unrest and the potential for political issues to arise, it is essential that travellers invest in full travel insurance coverage for their trip.

Important travel advice for visiting Georgia

Travellers should pay attention to where they travel when they visit Georgia. To enter the country, all Canadian travellers are required to have a valid passport, and it must be valid for at least six months after their departure date. Visas are not required for visits of up to one year.

The country is bordered by Russia to the north and east, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the south and the Black Sea to the west. Approval is required to visit the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. There are currently regional advisories for a number of Russian border regions that could be dangerous and pose a risk to your security. Kidnapping is a risk in these areas.

Petty crime and political demonstrations are common. Therefore, it is recommended that travellers take extra safety precautions, avoid travelling alone and keep their personal identification safe and secure at all times. Always be aware of your surroundings. Also, refrain from taking photos of government buildings or military personnel.

The currency in the country is the Georgian lari (GEL), but the euro (EUR) and US dollar are also widely accepted. Many hotels and restaurants accept credit cards.

Earthquakes, flooding and landslides are all possible. Stay up to date with the local weather forecast.

Georgia tourist destinations

The nature, people, local markets and unique capital city, Tbilisi, attract many people to the country. Tbilisis has many traditional markets with a touch of modern architecture. With fun nightlife and dining opportunities, affordable food and accommodations, it is a modern city that is slowly becoming a world-class tourist destination.

Perhaps the most beautiful regions are along the Black Sea coastline. The combination of mountains and sea make for scenic views, and the unique combination of being able to go skiing in the mountains and then relax on the beach with only a few hours of travel time in between is appealing. Other places worth checking out include Pankisi Gorge, the historic churches in Mtskheta, and events such as the Black Sea Jazz Festival and the Tbilisoba festival in October.

Travel insurance for vacations to Georgia

If you’re planning a trip to Georgia or any other country in the region, it is very important to ensure you have dependable travel insurance for the duration of your trip. You never know what can happen when travelling to unfamiliar countries, and having access to reliable travel assistance if things don’t go according to plan can be priceless. Blue Cross offers travel insurance solutions for all travellers and all types of trips, worldwide. Get a free quote for travel insurance today and travel with confidence.

General Georgia Canada
Continent: Europe
Population (2012): 4,490,700 34,754,312 (2012)
Area (km2): 697 9,984,670
Capital: Tbilisi
Currency: Lari
Official language(s): Georgian
Drive: Right
Diesel (2012): 1.37 1.23 (2012)
Gasoline (2012): 1.34 1.23 (2013)

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