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U.S. Minor Outlying Islands U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

Located on the Pacific Ocean, with most of the islands located just south of the Hawaiian Islands, US Minor Outlying Islands are a collection of small, uninhabited islands. Currently, they are restricted to members of the military, scientific personnel and educators. They are also visited by travellers as part of cruise ship expeditions.

The islands include Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Island and one island in the Caribbean Sea, Navassa Island.

Travel tips for the US Minor Outlying Islands

Currently, there are very few travel companies that offer trips to the islands, and most tourists visit as part of a cruise vacation. People who choose to visit the islands do so to view nature, go snorkelling and scuba diving, for water exploration, and to tour World War II historical sites. Midway Islands are the most frequently visited as they have an old naval barrack that has been converted to a hotel, and the island’s North Beach is open to visitors. Most beaches on the islands are restricted and limited to research for wildlife and endangered species.

As with all trips to the United States, Canadians travelling by air, land or water require appropriate travel documentation to enter the country (see the Travel and Tourism section of the Government of Canada website for more information). Canadians do not need a visa to visit the US and are permitted to stay in the country for up to six months per trip. However, you may require special permission to visit the US Minor Outlying Islands.

Travel insurance for the US Minor Outlying Islands

Travel insurance is extremely important when travelling to remote islands, even if you are visiting as part of a cruise. Make sure you have cruise travel insurance if this destination is one of the stops on your cruise of the Pacific, or make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance if you are visiting these islands for other reasons. Regardless of the details of your trip, Blue Cross has dependable travel insurance and offers 24/7 travel assistance.

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General U.S. Minor Outlying Islands Canada
Continent: Americas
Population :   34,754,312 (2012)
Area (km2): 34 9,984,670
Capital: Insular area of the United States of America
Currency: United States dollar
Official language(s):  
Diesel :   1.23 (2012)
Gasoline :   1.23 (2013)

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