Take the time to do your research

Before travelling outside your province of residence

Government advisories

Before planning your trip

Ontario Blue Cross® encourages you to follow the recommendations of health authorities. Consult the Government of Canada’s travel advice and advisories specific to your destination for information on:

  • Safety measures before or during your trip
  • Entry and exit requirements (travel documents, visas, etc.)
  • Health-related information (vaccinations, drinking water, etc.)
  • Laws, customs and culture
  • Weather conditions

To find out what measures you need to follow for trips to other Canadian provinces, visit the provincial government websites.

Destination entry requirements

Get ready

Does your destination require:

  • Proof of insurance for medical care abroad?
  • Mandatory quarantine upon arrival?
  • Negative test results for COVID-19?
  • A visa?
  • Specific proof of vaccination?

For complete details:

  • Consult the Government of Canada’s travel advice and advisories.
  • Contact your airline.
  • Contact or visit the websites of the health authorities at your destination.
  • Get useful information from travel health clinics.

The destination’s entry requirements may change at any time. It is important to remain vigilant and check the health recommendations in place at the destination on the Government of Canada website to safely plan your trip.

Consult a travel health clinic

Be well prepared

Based on your destination and health status, health professionals at a specialized travel health clinic can determine what vaccinations you need against certain diseases.

They can also provide health advice for your stay and help you put together a complete first aid kit.

For more information on travel health clinics, visit the Government of Canada website

Access to health care abroad

Travel assistance can help

If you’ve purchased Ontario Blue Cross® travel insurance, Travel Assistance staff can help you locate health care facilities at your destination and inform you of the quality and availability of the health care services offered there.

Access to medical care and availability of health services may vary from country to country. Our travel assistance service is always available to provide support and assist in finding the best available care.

Emergency repatriation is only covered if it is considered necessary and safe by the travel assistance medical team and the attending physician at the destination.

Your travel essentials

Your passport

Your travel insurance certificate including the details of your trip  

Any other document required by the country of destination