A woman hiking on a mountain

Fitness trends

It seems that there’s a trend for anything, and the area of fitness is no exception. Find out which activities are trending now and see if there’s one that you can make a part of your lifestyle.

It seems as though every year a new fitness trend sweeps the nation. Remember Tae Bo? Or Jazzercise? While trends in fitness are always evolving as a result of advancements in sports medicine and nutrition, the basic principles of fitness and nutrition usually remain the same. An active, healthy lifestyle combined with a balanced, nutritious diet, promote life expectancy and quality of life no matter what fitness trend you partake in. So whether you’re into traditional weight training, Zumba, boot camp, CrossFit, or one of the other many training options, you’re on the right path.

So what are the current fitness trends? Any exercise that increases the body’s metabolism, such as high-intensity training; fitness programs that combat specific medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke or depression; simple workouts; time-intensive workouts (30 minutes or less) that can fit into any busy lifestyle; older adult health, fitness and wellness programs; personal training for education, rehabilitation, chronic illness, sports training and nutrition; therapeutic yoga; nutrition personalized for specific needs, health conditions or body types; and obstacle course workouts/competitions or races.

Fitness is a personal experience. Find out what works for you so that you are able to enjoy your fitness routine and stick to it.