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A small town of about 20,000 residents, Llandudno is a resort town in Wales on the coast of the Irish Sea. The name of the town means “Queen of the Welsh Resorts” and was coined by Saint Tudno in 1864. Today, it is the most popular and largest seaside resort in Wales, attracting thousands of travellers from around the world each year. If you plan to make a stop in Llandudno or anywhere else in Wales, get travel insurance and travel with confidence.

Top Llandudno tourist attractions...

A popular tourist spot in Wales, the city still has much of its 19th-century charm. With unique bed and breakfasts, small private hotels and historic sites, Llandudno is popular with both families and solo travellers.

Nestled along the British seaside, Llandudno's main attraction is the near-wilderness of the Great Orme, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The town also features old-school tram and cable car rides that take you up to the summit of this limestone headland, providing memorable views of the Snowdonia mountain range and kilometres of trails.

Popular sights for tourists include Colwyn Bay, Llandudno Beach, West Shore Beach, Happy Valley, Llandudno Pier, Marine Drive, Mostyn Street, Venue Cymru, as well as the Victorian Extravaganza, a three-day Victorian carnival held each May.

Other things to check out include the Alice in Wonderland Trail, Great Orme, Conwy Castle and Harlech Castle, making it a great family vacation destination.

Travel insurance for vacations to Llandudno

Travel planning is not complete without a dependable travel insurance policy. Weather can be unpredictable in Wales, making travel delays and flight cancellations a possibility. Plus, you never know when you may need emergency medical assistance. Blue Cross travel insurance plans offer this and more. Contact us today for an international travel insurance quote.