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Advice for health insurance newbies

You’re young, you’re healthy, you totally don’t need health insurance, right? Or do you? Lots of people think health insurance is one of those things that can wait a little longer, but did you know the best, and most affordable time to enroll is when you’re young and healthy?

So, whether your coverage under a parent’s plan has recently ended, you’re not covered under an employer plan, or you’re looking towards big life changes like starting a family or buying a home, here’s a healthy dose of advice on getting your first Health Insurance Plan. 

Isn’t provincial coverage enough?

While a governmental health plan covers routine doctor’s appointments, hospital stays, and even some prescription drugs in some provinces, it doesn’t cover all health care expenses. Things like dental care, prescription drugs, treatment by specialists, even ambulance fees come out of your pocket, unless you’re covered by an individual health plan.

It’s so expensive!

When you’re trying to balance a budget, any added expense can seem like too much, but the younger and healthier you are the less expensive health insurance will be. And, in recent years, health care costs have been rising which make routine and unplanned expenses even more unpredictable and potentially unaffordable.

Can’t it wait a little longer?

It would be great if life was predictable, but accidents, unforeseen illnesses and even emergency dental care can be needed at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, they mean you won’t qualify for health insurance you need. That’s why getting a plan when you don’t need it is always best, and easiest. That way, you’re protected just-in-case something does happen so you can relax and be worry-free.

Insurance that can grow with you

Blue Cross Health Insurance plans are designed to grow with you. Once you’re enrolled, it’s easy to make changes when your life changes – like getting married, having a baby, or even starting your own business. Coverage is flexible, so you can pick and choose what benefits you think you would use most.

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