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Case studies

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Terry, age 1: Sunstroke

West Yarmouth, MA, USA

Emergency Care

$90 $615 $71 $544 $90
While on his first seaside vacation, Terry’s mother noticed his skin turning bright red. He had been in the sun for only 30 minutes, and his mother had applied sunscreen before leaving for the beach. A mild case of sunstroke was diagnosed at the hospital.
Claudia, age 34: Ankle Sprain

Mount Worcester, VT, USA

Emergency Care

$25 $509 $41 $468 $25
Claudia suffered a bad sprain after slipping between two rocks while hiking. Her descent was difficult. Once she reached the emergency room a bandage was applied and she was provided with crutches.
Magdeleine, age 71: Wrist fracture

Victoria, BC, Canada

Emergency care and medical accessories

$214 $462 $136 $326 $214
Magdeleine slipped and fell on a wet floor while visiting her sister in British Columbia. At the hospital a cast was quickly applied and Magdeleine was released with a waterproof sheath for protection.
Paul, age 40: Food poisoning

Toronto, ON, Canada

Ambulance and emergency care

$174 $475 $73 $402 $174
Paul had visited a new sushi restaurant with a supplier while on a business trip to Toronto. He became ill during the night and a hotel clerk called an ambulance. He was unable to drive and unsure of where the nearest hospital was. At the hospital, Paul was diagnosed with food poisoning.
Julien, age 30: Accident resulting in compressed vertebrae

Ciudad Vallés, Mexico

Emergency care and air ambulance

$136 $38,883 $500 $38,383 $136
Julian nearly lost the use of his legs while on a kayaking trip to Mexico. A wrong move compressed his lumbar vertebrae and the motor nerves of his legs. He was immediately airlifted to Quebec to a hospital with a trauma unit. Thanks to the prompt treatment of our medical team, Julian was able to leave the hospital on his own two feet.
Isabelle, age 42: Traveller's diarrhea

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Hospitalization and return air flight

$198 $10,608 $800 $9,808 $198
Isabelle consulted a hotel doctor for a rash and diarrhea while on a week long trip to Punta Cana. She had expected to be treated with medication, but was rushed to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. Her symptoms were due to overexposure to the sun, and the diarrhea had caused dehydration. Her husband was taken to the hospital the next day with the same condition. They were hospitalized for 4 days and were unable to depart on their scheduled flight. Thanks to the Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage in their Travel Insurance policy, they traveled home on a commercial flight 2 days later.