Thinking about your health

The rate of stroke is on the rise in Canada

A recent report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation indicates that the incidence of stroke has increased by 24% for people in their 50s1. Various health factors can increase the potential for stroke, such as poor diet, excess weight, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of physical activity. The good news is that with education and awareness, survival rates can improve. During a stroke, every second counts. The early signs of stroke are blurred vision, headache, and problems with speech and balance. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, call 911 right away. The sooner you are diagnosed and treated, the better your chances are of survival and recovery.

1Weeks, Carly. "Rate of strokes among younger people on the rise, report says." The Globe and Mail, 5 June 2014

What health services are available through Blue Cross?

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