Starting a new job

Things to consider when looking for a job

  • Will you have access to a pension plan?
  • How much time should you factor in for commuting?
  • Does the company offer employee perks or the opportunity for flexible work hours?
  • Are there opportunities for growth?
  • Does the company offer a group insurance plan?

If you change careers, you can keep your plan

When you purchase an individual health plan from Blue Cross, the plan is yours. No matter what job you have or how often you change careers, your policy will follow you. Find a plan for you to see how affordable health insurance can be.

Health insurance benefits until group coverage kicks in

Without a group insurance plan, health care expenses can add up quickly. Until your group insurance coverage is confirmed, protect yourself with a personal health insurance plan. Once your group insurance starts, you can either cancel your private plan or keep it and coordinate the coverage with your group plan so that you have 100% coverage.