Starting a business? Get health insurance now!

Embarking on your own business journey. What's next?

Launching a business demands meticulous planning. Beyond daily operations, you must safeguard every facet. Leave no room for uncertainty. Shield yourself and your venture with a personal health insurance plan. Prioritize your well-being, ensuring seamless coverage for medical expenses, and devote your energy to growing your new business.

Enhancing your business: health insurance options for employees

Offering health insurance is not mandatory, but it serves as a compelling selling point to retain and attract top talent. Group insurance plans require the employer to contribute to the premium, while personal health insurance allows flexibility in covering costs. Explore the ideal plan for your business needs.

Essential health insurance for self-employed individuals

As the backbone of your business, your well-being directly impacts your income. Prioritize your security with a Blue Cross health insurance plan, shielding your health, business, and finances. Rest easy, knowing you're safeguarded against unforeseen medical expenses not covered by OHIP.