first apartment

Renting your first apartment

What expenses should I consider when I rent an apartment?

When you rent an apartment, budgeting your monthly income is very important. You should make sure to have enough money in the bank to cover your rental fees, and save enough to cover household expenses, including food, cable, telephone, health care costs and rental insurance, medical expenses and any unexpected expenses.

Do I need insurance if I am renting an apartment?

Most landlords request that tenants provide proof of content insurance. The landlord is responsible for insurance on the unit/building, but it’s recommended that you insure the contents of your apartment from theft, fire, flooding or accident. It is even more important to insure your health. Unexpected health care expenses could blow your monthly budget if you are not prepared.

What kind of health insurance will cover me, now that I’m out on my own?

Any of our health insurance plans would be a good solution for you. Find a plan for you to see how health insurance can fit into your new lifestyle.
With a health insurance plan from Blue Cross, you can protect your health and your finances without worrying about unexpected expenses blowing your budget. If unexpected medical costs arise, you can rest assured that you are well protected for medical costs that are not covered under OHIP.