Graduating from school

You’ve graduated. Here’s what you need to know

Group health insurance typically covers children until age 21 if not in school, or up to age 25 if enrolled in post-secondary education. After graduating, secure personal health insurance for continued coverage. Discover affordable plans tailored to your needs.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m no longer covered under my parents’ plan. Will you cover me?

As a recent graduate, you're likely budget-conscious. While you might believe your health insurance options are limited, that's not true. Blue Cross provides a range of cost-effective plans, offering both basic and comprehensive coverage, all within your budget.

What kind of health insurance can I afford?

Depending on your required coverage, Blue Cross offers health insurance plans starting at just $27.97/month*. Our basic plans encompass dental visits, prescription drugs, physiotherapy, travel insurance, and more.

*Sample rate based on core health coverage for an individual between the ages of 18 and 29.

The opportune moment to apply for health insurance is when you're young and in good health. With a Blue Cross health insurance plan, safeguard your health and finances. Premiums are budget-friendly, ensuring you're prepared for unexpected medical expenses not covered under OHIP.