Going on a trip

Traveling for work: your health coverage abroad

Short trips abroad may be covered under your group benefits program but check the specifics. Typically, longer trips, trip cancellation, interruption and baggage are not covered. Secure additional peace of mind with a separate travel insurance policy.

Understanding provincial health care plans for travel abroad

While Canada offers government-funded health care, coverage is limited outside your home province. Medical expenses incurred abroad receive minimal support. Canadians traveling outside their province must secure supplemental insurance for comprehensive protection.

Protect your health and finances abroad

Being well-informed about healthcare costs in the United States is crucial for Canadians. Emergency medical expenses worldwide can impact the quality of care and lead to financial distress. Don't take risks: protect your health, access the care you deserve, and return home worry-free from hefty medical bills.

Essential travel insurance: protecting your health abroad

OHIP provides limited coverage outside your province, offering only $400/day on average. Considering medical expenses in the United States can surpass $1,500/day for a basic hospital room, relying solely on OHIP may leave you vulnerable.
Rest easy knowing your health insurance plan includes a 15-day annual travel policy, eliminating the need for separate travel insurance every time you cross borders. For longer trips, easily enhance your coverage, ensuring you're protected for spontaneous journeys. With Blue Cross health insurance, safeguard your health both at home and away.