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A family of 4 packing and preparing to leave Canada.

Leaving Canada

How long can I be outside Canada before my OHIP expires? Will OHIP be effective at all?

Visit the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website for details on how long you can be outside Canada before your OHIP expires and about the extent of coverage. It is important to contact OHIP before you leave to advise them of your plans and get authorization for any extended absences. Of course, the minute you confirm plans to leave Canada, you should purchase travel insurance to protect you while you’re abroad.

Provincial health care for Canadians leaving Canada

If you are leaving Canada for an extended period, it is a good idea to contact OHIP in advance to make them aware of your trip details and avoid your OHIP coverage expiring while you are away. It is much more difficult to re-apply for OHIP benefits if they expire.

A 15-day annual travel policy is included in your benefits, so you don’t have to worry about buying a travel insurance policy every time you hop across the border. And, if you travel for more than 15 days at a time, you can easily top up your insurance, so you can travel at the spur of the moment and know you’re well protected. With a health insurance plan from Blue Cross, you can protect your health and your finances.

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