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Contest Rules



1. Contest Organizer


This contest is organized by Blue Cross® Canassurance (Canassurance Hospital Service Association), located at 185 The West Mall, Suite 610, Etobicoke, Ontario  M9C 5P1, hereafter called “the organizer”.



2. Eligibility


The contest is open to all Ontario residents who have reached the age of majority. The following are excluded from entering the contest: employees, agents and representative of the organizer and all of its affiliates and, where applicable, their advertising agencies, contest judges, suppliers of prizes, materials or services associated with this contest, as well as any immediate family members of, or people who are domiciled with, said employees, agents and representatives.



3. Contest duration


The contest will begin on Tuesday, October 1st, at 9:00 AM (EDT) and will end on Thursday, October 31st, at 2:00 PM (EDT), hereafter called “contest duration”.



4. How to enter


To enter the contest during the contest duration you must: (i) subscribe to the Blue Cross newsletter by clicking on the Children’s Wish Foundation Contest banner found on the Travel homepage of the Ontario Blue Cross Website (https://on.bluecross.ca/travel-insurance); (ii) fill out the contest registration form providing your first name, last name and email address (the “registration form”) and (iii) confirm that you have read and accepted the official contest rules by clicking on the acceptance box. You will receive a notice of a single (1) entry in the contest. This contest is only available electronically. Entrants may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time and still be registered as contestants.



5. Description of prizes


A total of five (5) prizes are available, each comprising one (1) gift card valued at $150 each to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto. A donation of $1,000 will also be made to the Children’s Wish Foundation. The organizer cannot be obliged to award additional prizes or to award prizes in a manner other than as prescribed in the contest rules.



6. Prize conditions


6.1 The winner may select any tickets, subject only to availability at the time of making a ticket reservation;


6.2 A gift card must be presented to complete the transaction;


6.3 A gift card may not be combined with another offer or promotion, unless specifically authorized by the prize supplier;


6.4 A gift card cannot be replaced or reimbursed in case of loss, theft, damage or unauthorized use;


6.5 Gift cards may be subject to other restrictions and applicable conditions that appear on them or that may be issued subsequently by the issuer or an agency designated by the organizer;


6.6 Prizes are to be accepted as set out by the contest rules and cannot in any circumstance be transferred in whole or in part to another person, be substituted for another prize, or exchanged for cash payment, unless otherwise permitted by the contest rules;


6.7 In the event that it becomes impossible, difficult and/or prohibitive for the organizer to award the prize (or a part thereof) as set out by the contest rules, the organizer reserves the right to award a prize (or part thereof) of a similar nature and equivalent value or, entirely at the organizer’s discretion, the equivalent monetary value of the prize (or part thereof) as set out by the contest rules.



7. Limits


Contest participants must adhere to the following limits or face being disqualified:


7.1 One (1) entry per person;


7.2 Use of one (1) email address per person, in the event that an individual has more than one address.



8. Draw


On Friday, November 1st, 2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT), a representative of the organizer whose offices are located at 550, Sherbrooke Street West, Montréal (Québec)  H3A 3S3, will proceed to draw five (5) entries at random from all eligible registered entries.


The chance of an entry being selected for a prize will depend on the total number of eligible registered entries received during the contest duration.



9. Awarding of prizes


In order to be declared a prize winner, the selected individual must meet all of the contest eligibility criteria.


The organizer will endeavour to contact a selected eligible entrant only once by telephone or email. Should a selected entrant miss the telephone call from the organizer and not have voicemail, the organizer may, at their discretion, attempt a second contact by phone or email. Should an entrant fail to communicate with the organizer, by phone or email, within ten (10) days of the organizer initially having phoned or emailed them, the entrant shall be disqualified. The organizer will then proceed to another random draw from among the eligible registered entries in the same manner as the initial draw.


Before being declared a winner, a selected eligible entrant must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question without help and within a set time limit. The question will be given to the entrant at a mutually agreed time.


To be declared a winner, a selected eligible entrant must sign a waiver form declaration and return it by email or by post within ten (10) working days of it having been received. By signing this form, the entrant:


  • releases the contest organizer and the supplier of the prize of all responsibility for damages of any sort that might arise – directly or indirectly – from their having taken part in the contest and having accepted and used the prize and, further, renounces any claim, demand or legal proceeding in this regard;


  • authorizes the organizer and their representatives to use the entrant’s name, address, photo, image, voice, and any statement made about the contest, for the purposes of advertising/promotion in the media including, but not limited to, the organizer’s Website, social media platforms, print and television broadcast publication, and this without any remuneration or compensation.


Should a selected eligible entrant fail to answer the skill-testing mathematical question, refuse to sign the waiver form declaration, or fail to return it within the prescribed deadline, the entrant will be disqualified and will not be awarded a prize. Should this arise, the organizer may, at their discretion, select another entrant in the manner set out by the contest rules.


The organizer will contact prize winners within two (2) weeks of having received the duly signed waiver declaration form in order to make arrangements for delivery of the prize.



10. General conditions


By entering the contest, entrants accept to follow and abide by the contest rules and decisions of the organizer, such rules and decisions being final and without appeal.


For the purposes of the contest rules, the entrant is the person whose name appears on the entry form and it is that person who shall receive the prize should they be chosen and declared a winner.


The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any person who does not meet the eligibility criteria and the contest rules at the time of the draw, or who has participated in a manner that contravenes the contest rules by any means whatsoever. Any decision of the organizer in this regard is final and without appeal.


The organizer and its advertising and publicity agents, employees, consultants, sub-contractors and their respective agents and representatives, are absolved from any responsibility having to do with the following:


  • Incorrect or erroneous information on the Website relative to the contest as supplied by the organizer’s representatives;


  • Improper or poor functioning of any digital component, software or communication line; failure or absence of network communication; any faulty, incomplete, incomprehensible transmission or any computer or network erasure that might limit someone’s ability to take part in the contest or impede them entirely from doing so; any damage or loss that might arise, directly or indirectly, from downloading a Web page or any software, and by the transmission of any data about participation in the contest.


All personal information about entrants collected during this contest will only be used for the administration of the contest unless an entrant has expressly consented otherwise. Should an entrant decide to unsubscribe from the Blue Cross newsletter following their taking part in the contest, no communication or commercial correspondence that is not directly tied to the contest will be exchanged with or sent to the entrant, except as provided for by the contest rules or unless the entrant has expressly consented otherwise.



11. Cancellation or changes


The organizer reserves the right, entirely at its discretion, to cancel, change or suspend, in whole or in part, this contest, or to end it if an event or human action arises that might alter or affect the administration, security, fairness or operation of the contest.




® Registered trademark of Canadian Blue Cross Canassurance Association, licensed by the Canassurance Hospital Service Association.


Note – the plural has been used as the gender-neutral form in nouns and pronouns for the sake of simplifying the text.