Travel tips

Social media has become a huge part of the travel experience. Travellers use it to find travel destinations, conduct research, post updates, connect with travel providers and, of course, post photos of their vacation.

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are approaching quickly. The Olympic Games bring the world together. Athletes from countries from all over the world meet in the same place in celebration of sport and competition to find out who is the world’s best.

Money is always a factor for planning a trip. Most travellers set a budget for an upcoming trip, but how many of us actually stay within our budget? It’s common for people to get home from a trip only to check their credit card bill and see that they went over budget.

Whether you are planning a weekend cross-border shopping trip or a vacation down south, it’s important to have travel insurance coverage. Sure, you hear this a lot, but travel insurance can not only provide you with travel assistance, it can save you a significant amount of money if you happen to get injured while in the United States. Without travel insurance, you are on the hook for all medical costs you incur, and many travellers will likely not be able to pay such fees easily.