Travel tips

Having a disability doesn’t mean that you have to stay home. In fact, millions of people with disabilities are travelling the world, not letting their challenges prevent them from seeing the world and enjoying life – and neither should you.

Hoverboards have been getting a lot of press recently. They were one of the most popular gifts items last Christmas, and the predictions from Back to the Future have finally come true. If you are not familiar with what a hoverboard is, it is a motorized, skateboard-sized scooter with two wheels that users stand on. Unlike what their name suggests, they don’t actually hover above the ground; they are more like a Segway without handles.

One of the biggest challenges, even for seasoned travellers, is packing enough to fit in a suitcase and carry-on bag, but not so much that it’s difficult to get around. We have all been in situations when, in an attempt to pack light, we forget an important item. At one time or another, most travellers have probably uttered the words, “I could really use a (fill in the blank) right now.” This is why multi-functional items are great for travel. They conserve space and have multiple uses.

Everyone wants to have the perfect trip. They want to get the best deal, stay at the best hotels, eat the best food and have an enjoyable flight. Much of the success, or failure, of any trip has to do with planning. You can let things ride and under-plan or you can meticulously over-plan your trip. To ensure you have a great trip, the key is to fall somewhere in the middle.