Travel tips

The minute someone finds out you are going on a trip, they seem to have a vast array of travel advice, even if they have never been to the destination or have no experience with the type of trip you are planning. You know: It’s the person who tells you not to talk to the locals, the one who tells you to stay on the resort or the one who thinks every place is dangerous and you will end up being captured and taken hostage.

Most vacations involve spending a number of days, or a week or more, in a single location. However, sometimes people have a limited amount of time to spend in a single city. This can be the result of a long layover, while travelling for business, on a road trip or just wanting to squeeze as many cities as possible into a vacation.

Vacations should be relaxing. They are one of the best ways to decompress and get away from a hectic and busy life. However, many of us have a difficult time disconnecting from work and the other things in our lives that we really should leave behind when we leave for vacation.

Health retreat getaways are growing in popularity as a vacation option. Travellers increasingly want to make health and wellness part of their trip. They not only want to visit a new destination and experience a new culture, they also want to relax, decompress, calm the mind and treat the body.

Jet lag can be a killer. It’s one of the most unpleasant parts about travelling. Whether you are travelling for business, are on your way to your favourite vacation spot or are returning home after a long trip, jet lag can have an impact on even the most seasoned travellers.