Travel tips

Maple syrup is about as Canadian as it comes. Who doesn’t love to smear it all over their pancakes? Even though it’s sweet and delicious, did you know that eating maple syrup can be beneficial to your health?

One of the first things many people think about when they have a long flight ahead is that they should use the time as an opportunity to get some sleep. While it’s a good thought, most of us have trouble getting a decent nap, let alone a few hours of sleep.

Heading to a warmer climate for the winter this year? Escaping the snow for a few months takes a lot of organization. By carefully preparing your departure, you can leave with peace of mind. Here’s a checklist to help you pack your luggage.

Many people don’t think twice about using their credit card, and it’s a common way for travellers to pay for goods and services when they are abroad. Credit cards are widely accepted worldwide, they can be easier to use than cash and they often let you collect rewards points.

One of the most common pieces of travel advice is that you should wait for last-minute deals to save money on a trip. This strategy does work, and there are people who save money on planning travel this way. However, this strategy tends to be more effective for vacation packages rather than for booking flights for personal and business travel.