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One of the largest cities in France, Lyon is known worldwide as being a powerful industrial, commercial and banking region. A culturally diverse, fast-paced city, Lyon offers travellers a combination of outstanding shopping boutiques, world-class museums, gourmet eating and a vibrant nightlife. When travelling to Lyon or other French cities, it’s important to have a reliable travel insurance policy just in case something unforeseen arises during your trip.

Travel tips for Lyon

Commonly referred to as the gateway to the Alps, Lyon is only about an hour away from the Alps by train, making it a great place to visit if you want to do some skiing as part of your trip. Since the area has such a diverse climate, the weather depends on where you are in the region.

Regardless of when you visit, Old Lyon, the beaujolais nouveau celebration, Mont Blanc, Grenoble’s market and the epic epicureanism should be on your to-do list during your stay. Other attractions worth considering include Rue du Boeuf, Centre d’histoire de la resistance et de la deportation, Institut Lumière, Musée des Beaux Arts de Lyon, Opéra de Lyon, as well as the countless cathedrals and basilicas in the city.

Your best way to get around is to get a Lyon City Card for unlimited access to the city’s transportation network. Many tourists also use passenger ferry boats and bicycles to get around. If you’re ambitious and want to take in the city at a slower pace, consider a walking tour of the historical traboules – a network of corridors built by silk weavers in the 19th century.

Options for travel insurance for Lyon

When planning your trip to Lyon or any other European location, having an international travel insurance policy ensures you are covered for your trip. Blue Cross offers affordable and flexible travel insurance that is based on your personal requirements, trip duration and age, so you receive the best travel insurance rates.

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