Health tips

Most people who live outside Canada assume that all medical costs for Canadians are paid for by government health care plans. While Canadians do have medical insurance through their provincial governments, as residents, we know that there are health care costs that we must pay for out of pocket. Doctor's visits, emergency hospital care and other basic health care services are covered, but there are some surprising medical costs that are not.

Your local pharmacy is a staple in your community. It is a place you trust, and it is the place you go to fill your prescriptions, pick up over-the-counter medications and health and beauty products. A recent survey by Canadian Health & Lifestyle found that 97% of people believe their pharmacist has their best interests at heart when recommending medical products. But did you know that your local pharmacy offers a variety of other services?

Avocados have become very popular among health professionals. They are considered to be a “superfood,” providing more than 20 vitamins and minerals. They are also the only fruit (yes, they are considered a fruit) that contains a large amount of healthy fats (monounsaturated fats).