Health tips

As a parent, you probably can’t help thinking about how your kids will be as adults. Will they be more like mom or dad? What will they look like when they get older? What will their personality be like? Will they be successful? These are all questions you have probably thought about.

When we get a prescription from a doctor, most of us simply give the prescription to the pharmacist, listen to their instructions about taking the medication and take it home. What many of us don’t realize is that pharmacists are one of the best medical resources available. Whether you have a simple health-related question, are not sure which over-the-counter medication to choose or are filling a new prescription, pharmacists can answer your questions and guide you when you start a new medication.

People often look for new foods and supplements they can include in their diet to be healthier and to improve their overall wellness. It seems that every few years, a new item skyrockets in popularity because of the health benefits it offers.

Getting proper care during pregnancy is an essential part of having a healthy pregnancy. Although many women automatically choose an obstetrician to provide them with care during their pregnancy, an increasing number of women in Ontario are choosing an alternative: a midwife.