Health tips

Getting a proper diagnosis is an important aspect of effective health care. When something is not right, whether we are experiencing pain or just not feeling like ourselves, we turn to our doctors, trusting that they will effectively diagnose the issue and provide the right treatment. However, a recent report from the Institute of Medicine found that most people will likely be misdiagnosed in their lifetime. Diagnosis errors exist in all areas of health care and they can harm patients.

Dry mouth is unpleasant. Although many people commonly associate dry mouth with how they feel when they wake up in the morning, for some, it is a lasting condition that can be very uncomfortable. It’s a condition that makes the mouth feel parched and can lead to difficulty eating and swallowing.

Many people grind their teeth without even noticing it – until they experience jaw tightness and discomfort.

Everyone is busy. With everything that is going on, it’s easy for people to feel the stress of everyday life. You have deadlines to meet, you need to get the kids to school and then to soccer practice, figure out what to make for dinner and maintain your household.

There is a common misconception that pregnancy is a time when women can eat whatever they want. It’s a time to enjoy their favourite foods. However, diet and wellness is just as important, if not more so, during pregnancy.

Becoming pregnant can be an exciting time. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for pregnancy is make sure you’re eating a healthy diet. Prenatal nutrition is very important, and getting a head start will pay dividends once you get pregnant. A healthy diet can help boost your fertility, help get your body ready for pregnancy and help keep you healthy.