Health tips

Having a happy and healthy family is the goal, and it starts at the top, with parents setting the example. When parents make healthy life choices, the rest of the family is more likely to follow suit, and it’s not just about what you eat. Healthy families approach life in a way that allows them to make effective, rational and healthy decisions about all aspects of their lives.

Health and fitness were on people’s minds in 2015. Exercise and nutrition have become an important part of Canadians’ lives, and people continue to look for tips and the best ways to keep fit and stay healthy.

Cooking for one or two can be more challenging that most people think. Most recipes and packaged grocery store items are geared toward families of four. Sure, frozen meals and takeout are simple solutions, but they will affect your waistline and wallet.

Staying fit and healthy is a common goal among Canadians. Whether you are a student, young professional, parent, snowbird or retiree, most of us have some sort of fitness goal. However, with so much information and misinformation available, not to mention thousands of fitness magazines and blogs, it can be confusing to know which program to follow, exercises to do and foods to eat.

The end of summer brings shorter days, rain and cooler temperatures, reducing outdoor activities. The seasonal change can take a toll on your morale and your physical energy. Here are a few tips to keep body and mind in shape.